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This Domo Kun travels wherever you go, and spits out a reusable shopping bag when you need it. You will never have to use a plastic bag again with this little fellow by your side, so if you have to make an unexpected stop at the grocery store or come across a shoe sale at the mall, you will be prepared; thus doing your bit for the environment.

Step 1: Materials:

  • furry brown fabric - I used a sock, which is nice and stretchy (spandex), so it can expand a bit when you stuff the bag into it.
  • Red and white fabric-I used fabric scraps that I had lying around, though felt may be better.
  • Thread - brown, white and red, so it blends in with the fabric.
  • sewing needle, scissors.
  • key chain/or clip -I got mine from a lanyard (you can also get these from a craft store.)
  • two beads or buttons for eyes.
  • stuffing
  • nylon strip (to attach the clip/keychain)
  • reusable grocery bag, a nylon one would be ideal because it can be folded to a small size. You could sew one yourself, there are quite a few really great reusable bag instructables.

Step 2: Domo Body and Legs

Before you start, make sure that the reusable bag you plan on using can fit inside the Domo Kun. Make adjustments to the size of the Domo Kun if necessary. I hand stitched my Domo, (sadly, I don't have a sewing machine) and I've tried to identify the type of stitches I used.

  • Cut the sock 12cm down from the top.
  • Cut the shape of the legs, so that the are 3cm wide and 2cm deep at the bottom of the sock.
  • Turn the sock inside out and sew the front and back layers of the legs together, leave the bottom of the feet open. (I used a whip stitch).
  • Cut two small (3X3cm) pieces of the sock fabric, these will be the bottoms of his feet, sew these pieces onto the opening of his feet. (Again, I used the whip stitch).

Step 3: Domo Arms

  • Cut two 6.5X6cm pieces of the sock fabric for the arms.
  • Fold each piece in half and sew together the edges, leaving the end that attaches to the body open. (I used a whip stitch.)
  • Add stuffing to each arm.
  • Cut a small slit on each side of the body, for the arms to fit into, they should be at about the midpoint of the body.
  • Making sure that the body is still inside out, stuff the opening of the arm out of the slit from the inside (see image). And sew in place, I used a back stitch for this.
  • Turn right side out.

Step 4: Domo Eyes and Mouth


  • Sew eyes securely in place, see image for placement.

This is the opening in which we can put in/take out the bag.

  • Cut two red squares ~6X7cm.
  • Cut two sets of teeth from the white fabric.
  • Sew teeth onto the top edge of the red square repeat with other square, creating the top and bottom half of the mouth (see image.)
  • Fold over edges of mouth to prevent fraying (giving a width of 5cm). You can pin it to hold it together while you sew.
  • Place the top half of the mouth on Domo Kun and gauge where the mouth slit should go.
  • Cut the mouth slit.
  • Place the top half of the mouth back onto Domo Kun, tuck the red fabric of the mouth into the slit (see image.)
  • Sew the mouth in place, sew along the top edge, and sides, make sure this also catches the red fabric stuffed inside the mouth so that is sewn in place as well (see image.)
  • Repeat with the bottom portion of the mouth.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Reinforcing the mouth
You should reinforce the edges of the mouth slit, so that it doesn't split wider, since it is going to get a lot of wear and tear when you are stuffing the bag into the mouth (or when taking it out).
I did this by doing a number of stitches at each end of the slit.

Stuff legs
You will no longer need to turn Domo inside out, so at this point you can put some stuffing into his legs so that they don't look so skinny.

Nylon strap and clip

  • Slip the nylon strap through the loop of the metal clip, and sew the nylon strap onto one side of the opening at the top of his head (I put it in the centre, you can also put it off to one side if you'd like), use a back stitch, making sure that it is well secured.
  • Line up the two edges of the opening at the top of his head and sew together using a whip stitch.

Stuff him
Now that he is done, stuff the bag into his mouth and you are ready to go!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is the perfect thing for all my brown felt scraps from a donkey costume. I can't wait to start this!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hi, this is a superb idea. I sew one and made a present to my mother
    She really really loved it : )
    Thank you.

    ChrysNMr. Brownie

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That's a good idea, I was thinking about doing that, buy I couldn't find any small ones in stores where I live.

    i'm attempting this, but making a blue colored boy and a pink colored girl. minus the plastic bag and key chain. i was so excited when i found you made this. i'm putting a build a bear heart inside of the pink colored girl and mailing it to a boy i like and i'm keeping the blue colored boy for myself. i know he'll love it. if all goes well i'll upload a picture to prove progress XD

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    well here it is.... as you can tell I'm not the best sower, it's also my FIRST sewing instructable!!! (mom loves it thanks ChrysN ) and if it works the photos aswell.... AH