Introduction: DomusGate

It's a cloud gate manager.

Getting started
Register to the web portal to get access to your phone numbers management page, where you'll add your mobile phone number and those of your family to one or more gates. Each mobile phone you entered will receive a MSM message from the associated gate. From that moment, making a call to the gate will open it.

Manage your gates
You can be the owner of a gate and have full control of it, or you can send a request to the gate owner be added as a gate user. As an authorised user, you can add, modify and delete a given quota of phone numbers associated to that gate, eventually assigning to them an expiration data.

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Step 1: Create a Backend Web App

Create a Backend Web app to manage gates, owners, gatekeepers and devices that are allowed to open the gates

Step 2: Create an Azure IoT Hub

Step 3: Install and Configure the Intel Edison

Step 4:

Install the GSM module shield on the Intel Edison standard board

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