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Doodling has been proven to be therapeutic for all ages. Let your perfectionism go and get lost in the repetitive nature of it. Look for inspiration in every day objects, fabric patterns, nature and online by searching for doodle art, zentangle and pen and ink.

In this lesson, learn how to create a doodle similar to this one! Watch the time-lapse video first to get an overall idea of the inspiration.

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Step 1: Print This Starter Page

For your first attempt, print this image on letter size paper. After giving it a try, start your own on plain paper.

Note: If the image above is not printable, get the full-size image here:

Step 2: Now Use These Elements to Fill in the Page

Each lettered element shows the steps you should take to get to the end product. Feel free to skip the last step for a simpler design or add your own flare for a more complex design.

Begin by filling in the indicated element (by letter) from the starter sheet. Then work your way out in circles around the base design until you reach the edge of the paper.

Remember that a good work of art will have a mix of clean open elements as well as intricate, detailed elements.

Share your results with me at heidimarie.artist [at] gmail [dot] com. I can't wait to see what you create!

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    Looks great - reminds me a bit of this:

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