Doodle: a Backpack, Dolphin & Mushroom Using Microsoft Paint




About: I enjoy creating 3D models of pcb circuits. I am a student studying Electrical Engineering. I will share some cool projects & try out a few.

Hello. First let me say I'm not artist, I just happen to like drawing. So since I'm not great at it I like to call myself a doodler! If you can relate then this is the perfect "tutorial" for you.

I record my doodle attempts using a screen capture. I then add fun facts about what I've doodled and I edit my video. It becomes this work of art at about 8x speed.

My YouTube Channel

Step 1: Back to School

Before I start I like to:

  • Pick something to doodle.

Step 2: Dolphin Fun

  • Open Microsoft Paint

When I start I try out different brushes.

Step 3: Mushrooms

  • And have at it!

When I'm done doodling, I color it using "Fill with color" the paint bucket tab. I usually add any color to the background to make the picture more appealing.

Thanks for stopping by :D

Step 4: Watch Me Doodle!

This is my doodling video :D Thanks for watching!



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