Doodle:A Bonsai, Monkey & Paint Easel. Using Microsoft Paint (Video)



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Step 1: How to Doodle a Bonsai Tree

  • Draw a curvy line for the bark of the tree. Click the brushes tab and select oil brush.
  • Next I draw the plant tray. Click the brushes tab and use brush to doodle the tray. Color the tray using spray paint under the brushes tab.
  • Draw the branches of the bonsai using brush and the leaves using oil brush.

This completes the doodle :)

Step 2: How to Doodle a Monkey

For this doodle I used brush from the brushes tab.

Once I was done drawing my doodle I colored it in using the fill with color(paint bucket icon)

Step 3: How to Doodle an Art Easel

For this doodle I drew the shape of a hand held easel. Using brush from the brushes tab. Next I drew little paint glob outlines. Once the doodle was finished I colored in using the paint bucket icon.


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