Door Stash


Introduction: Door Stash

A place were no one looks. The top of a door.

Step 1:

Pick a door.

Step 2:

Pick a container that fits well and able fit in and out easily like PVC. Now trace a circle a round it. Next cut PVC to the perfect size and drill in the door a perfect hole.

Step 3:

Place the PVC or what you have in the door make sure it fit and now you are done.



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    If you have a solid end at the bottom of the pipe you could drill a hole into it & put a piece of cord down the middle of it, pushing the rope thru the hole then tying a knot at the end of it, or attaching a metal washer between the end of the pipe & the knot so that it's easy to pull the hole pipe up thru the top of the door again ... & so reclaim your stash with the pipe. Just make sure that the rope is thin but strong so it doesn't take up too much of your valuable space. It's enough to store valuable jewelery or just investment diamonds, etc. I think it's a terrific idea .... just be careful of the inside of the door if it's a type of cardboard.

    The only caution here is that a lot of interior doors are basically hollow-core, and the only thing inside them is cardboard stiffeners -- which can deform, sink or drop down if any real weight is put on them, especially for long periods of time.

    If you're dealing with a hollow-core door it's a good idea to add a cord or piece of strong fishling to the top of the PVC (or whatever material) and attach it securely to the top of the door -- for instance, wrap the end of the line around a nail (with a pronounced head on it), and drive the nail down SECURELY into the top ot the door.

    Otherwise, at some point you might have to destroy the door completely to get your stash out !!!

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    4 years ago

    nice idea, how do you get it out easily? what did you use to plug the bottom of the pipe?

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    PVC pipe has end caps (that are slightly wider than the pipe size), but they also sell light-duty caps that are the same diameter. Look in any plumbing store or Home Depot.

    You can leave the top part of the pipe open if it comes right to the top of the door, and then open it by just sticking a finger inside, or force-fit another end cap with a ring or hook hot-glued to it, close enough to reach with your finger.

    You can also widen the sides of the hole in two places, so you can grab the outside of the pipe with your fingers.

    For a more long term but less accessible location to place a stash compartment, consider drilling into the space behind the hinge plates of the door-frame itself or even the door proper if doing such does not weaken the integrity of how the hardware is secured.

    Thanks I would use magnet or pliers to get it out and the pipe I used was about 4 In long and I sealed it with a metal cap you can also small medicine container or film canister

    My guess would be to use a magnet, but I cannot be certain. This is an interesting concept, though, How deep did you go with the pipe? Thanks for sharing!


    4 years ago

    no one ever looks in a door......until now.