Door Strap

Introduction: Door Strap

The door at techshop chandler has an acrylic lock open device which breaks now and then or gets knocked off sometimes

Make a door strap that keeps the door unlocked during business hours, doesn't break or get knocked off

seat belt webbing
webbing buckle

sewing maching
fire (fire not bad, fire good)

Step 1:

go to your local fabric supply store, I went to tempe sales
buckle costs $1.50
I choose a buckle with a name on it , assuming name = higher quality

Step 2:

buy webbing
$20 for 100 meters
you can get it for $10 each if you buy five rolls

this is the exact same material used for seat belts

Step 3:

checking out

Step 4:

cut the webbing and burn edge with a match/fire to get a clean edge

I cut about two feet off

Step 5:

stitch the buckle on, I used a military stitch

Step 6:

finished product

Step 7:

the end product in action

I made it at TechShop

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