Door Utility Rack




This is how my old hat rack looks. This was my first attempt but it was not sturdy as I over loaded it with hats. I decided to redo it and extend it to be used for multiple uses so I am calling it a utility rack.


Step 1: Getting Started

Equipment needed:

  • 2x2x8 foot wooden stake

  • 2 three foot wooden dowels. - thickness depends on the application

  • wood screws
  • metal construction joints
  • wood glue

The wooden stake serves as the main pole. Cut it to a length of about 70". Also cut two more pieces about 6" in length. Cut the dowel in 6 and 8" lengths. Mark the pole where you plan to drill the holes. I started 9 inches from the top 1 mark on each side and then repeated every 12 inches. I also marked a hole in front 6 inches from the side holes, and repeated this with every side mark. I drilled the holes at a 40 - 60 degrees angle about 3/4 of an inch deep. Cut 2 pieces 6 inches long. Match the drill bit to the size of the dowel so the dowel can easily fit. Put some glue in each hole before putting in each cut dowel. Let dry overnight.

Step 2: Painting and Assembling

You can paint it whatever color you like or keep the wood plain and stain and varnish. I used the combination of color I had in stock. Paint the small pieces also. Once painted I stapled small pieces of leather to act as a cushion against the wood. Attache the metal angles and support as shown in the picture. There is no need for glue if you use these braces.

Step 3: Finished Product

These pictures show the finished product. It was very sturdy hanging from the door. Depending on how your door frame is made, it is best on the inside of the the door.



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