Doorway Sheet Ghost




About: Just trying to get by...

Fast and simple Halloween Door decoration with items found at work... (maybe not always the bed sheet...)

Materials used:

One bed sheet white
2 sheets of recycle bin white paper
2 sheets of orange construction paper
3 sheets of black construction paper
5 large binder clips

Tools used:

Glue stick
Mug for circle stencil
X-acto Knife

Step 1: Attaching the Sheet to the Door

There are many possibilities on how to do this, I simply binder clipped the sheet then taped them down... I left the bottom loose to create a little more flow, but the possibilities are endless...

Step 2: Eyes

Just like a normal sheet ghost cut your holes and then stick your paper cut out eyes in.

Step 3: Feet

Simple as can be paper cut outs.

Step 4: The Sheet Ghost Door

There are so many thing you can do with a simple sheet and some construction paper. this design and install took less than ten minutes. Be Creative and Try different thing.



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