Dope 3D Filament Display




The goal is to make a simple display and holder for 3d printing filament. At our hackerspace we had a gap next to the new lockers and we needed a more permanent home for 3d filament.

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Step 1: Measure and Drill Holes

1. Drill holes. I accidentally didn't take a picture of this but the first thing to do is drill holes. Most 3d filament roles are about 8 inches in diameter or smaller so if you leave 9 inches of space you should have plenty of space- for a 6 foot piece of wood like I had this meant enough space for 8 rod-shelves, which I was trying to maximize but as I'll show later another inch of room would have been better in a few areas.

Step 2: Paint

2. Paint. I used particle board which is pretty thirsty so I ended up priming it first so that it wouldn't absorb all of my spray paint. Then I painted it using masking tape to layer and add some clean accent lines. I really liked the color scheme and how it turned out.

Step 3: Assembly

1. Assemble. The assembly is fairly easy, I cut some 1 inch wide square wooden batons that you can see at the head of the two side panels. I was worried that these would split given how small they are so I used small screws ( and still split one pair). I placed them just below the holes for the rod so that it would not impede the rolls of filament. Large 8in roles of filament still require being shifted diagonal to put in or pull out- if I did this again I would leave more room on a few shelves to account for the support batons. You'll also want to put a lot of screws in the base- this style of construction where the screws are bearing weight is poor design but it's okay for holding filament, make sure to use lots of screws.

Step 4: Enjoy

I really liked the color and the simplicity of this project. It slots right next to my lockers and I built it using all re-used/ scrap materials.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Looks like just the thing for me to store electrical wire spools. How did you connect the metal rods/tubes, or are they loose at the ends?


    2 years ago

    That looks neat, it goes well with your lockers!