Dorm Room Design

I'm in school right now to be an industrial designer and so I use most of my space for ideation, drawing, concept modeling, storing, and sleep once every blue moon. The main thing I would change is the organization of the space =(

My favorite utility (besides my laptop) is my table. Someone had thrown away a decent table so I took it, sanded it, popped out the middle board and replaced it with a white board. cork is placed on the other side so I can flip the table whenever I need  more space!

seen is my desk, my two closets, work space and table. Feel free to ask any questions!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the reply. I just made a big frame with old looking wood. The dimensions are 1,30m x 0,80m. I made some holes on the left en the right side and tomorrow i am going to make some lines (middle thread; to hang on my pictures with some clothespines. THE RESULT should something like this: . I bought just one wooden rack(with wooden wineboxes to stack my stuff) and venetian blinds to decorate. I also have a lot of posters right now, some boxes to organize, a fridge, cooking stuff and food. and this Now i am going to make some thing throughout the year. I am in the university of Ghent (Belgium). And i don't have a target here in Belgium.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hi; i gonna furnish my dorm in a couple of weeks and i gonna learn to become industrial designer. Do u have some tips and things you regret of while furnishing your room?

    thx Kenneth

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Kenneth, sorry i'm getting back to you so late, I haven't gotten on instructables for a while.

    If you dorm, you'll get a standard set of furniture in the room that matches all the other room and most places won't let you remove these pieces from the room. In this situation, your stuck with the basics so you're better off looking at making the place cozier and into organization furniture (bins/boxes etc). As an Industrial designer, you'll want to have some form a work space in your room for days when you can't make it [raining/snow/too lazy] to the studio.

    The mistake I made was buying a bunch of things from Target to furnish my room. not that Target or Ikea has bad products, but I missed an opportunity my freshman year. I could have practiced what I learned in class on trying to come up with solutions for my room and building my own furniture. If you have extra cash/given some money from the family for college. take a trip to a hardware store/ fabric store and try to make you're room instead of purchasing it like everyone else.

    Part of becoming an industrial designer is learning to be proud of your work, showing it off, and most of all, learning what it means to make something by hand, not just have it manufactured... at least that's my opinion anyway.

    good luck! where you going to school?