Dorm Room Silhouettes





Introduction: Dorm Room Silhouettes

I have a very empty wall in my new room at school. We arent allowed to paint and i hate starring at empty wall space. This is a cheap and somewhat easy way to spruce up those bare walls in your dorm or apartment.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Not many tools are needed for this project. simple stuff you can find around the house or with a quick trip to the nearest Target (or like store). Total cost was about $10.

Black Poster Board
Knife or X-acto blade (not pictured)
poster board stickies
gloves (optional and not pictured)

Step 2: Find a Picture

First, find a picture you like. I just googled what I wanted for a reference. Next sketch your image onto the cardboard so you have an outline. Also by doing this on the cardboard you can keep the poster board clean. Once you finish that cut it out and trace it onto the poster board and then cut out the image. I eyeballed the propellers final part but im sure it can be done neater. Using an X-acto blade or Knife makes the hard-to-cut-places-with-scissors easier to cut.

Step 3: Finishing Up

The last steps are simple. If you have more then one piece for an image like I did, tape the back together. Print out anything else that you want to add for color like the patch I added.  Then attach the stickies and enjoy your new dorm room silhouette.

On a side note: Im planning on adding contact paper where the windows would be. Its an easy way to give a shiny effect if thats what your looking for.



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    At first, I thought the patch was a guitar pick! Also, you never made it clear on how this sticks to the wall! (How do you use the stickies?) Thanks!

    6 replies

    I think he/she just taped it or used "double-sided tacky stuff". Another option would be sheet vinyl. They usually give out "scraps" at sign-making stores for free or cheap if you ask nicely. Those stick to smooth surfaces with some water or just static...

    Do you not see the package of Poster Strips? They adhere to the wall and when you're ready to remove your poster, you just pull down on the strips.

    Nope... I reject their existence to prove my point... yeah, I overlook simple things like that all the time >.<

    It says "Poster Strips" clearly on the package. He even put a tag over it that says "poster board stickies"

    My good this is ingenious Thank you! now I know what to do with my room

    I really like this, it's so creative, and personalized- but it won't have the busy, cluttered look that pinning a billion posters on your wall might have.

    You can use chalkboard paper as well, and then you could draw on it too. :)

    great ible, hope to see some images with the smaller ones included.

    1 reply

    sorry the smaller ones might take longer then expected. ive been going through job training that goes all day and school starts on monday for me

    To jongscx: As far as overlooking simple things, PLEASE don't feel "pregnant and alone"! Take it from one who knows first hand!

    I have done something similar with my Son's room. We used contact paper which sticks well, but You're not going to be able to remove and keep it.