Dot It L.E.D Speaker Lights




Introduction: Dot It L.E.D Speaker Lights

This instructable is based on the Dot It l.e.d thingies that you can stick on almost anywhere where you need light. I'm going to show you how to make them into L.E.D Speaker Light:D

(This is an update to the previous versions of L.E.D projects. The first project was the L.E.D Throwies. That can be found here on Instructables. The second one is the mini speaker L.E.D speaker lights which can be found on Youtube. I'm not sure if the l.e.d throwies was the first project but thats the first project i have seen...)

You can use either the DOT It Genuine L.E.D Lights for $10 or those sylvania dollar store ones. ($1.13)

Step 1: Tools/Starting Up

The Must Haves:
As much DOT Its L.E.Ds As you need
some sort of wire cutter
tape/glue/velcro etc.

The Optionals:

Start By Opening the back. DO NOT INSERT BATTERIES!!!
then pull apart the body as shown in the pictures...
You have to hold the blue ring with your fingers without touching the back then push the glass area with your thumbs, the whole thing should fall apart...

Step 2: Wire Length

Now Measure The Length of the wire from the terminals of the speaker to the area of where you would place the L.E.D. This is where the ruler comes in handy... Cut the appropriate length and then follow step three...

Step 3: Wiring Time

See the red and yellow wires??? they are attached to a metal that can be bended back. Pull them forward then fix the wire between the gap made. Queeze it back very tightly and then secure the metal with tape.Then, bend the wire outward as if you were to cut a hole for the wires to groove into...

Step 4: Setting Up

Like I said in the last step, bend the wires so that they look like they are in a groove. Now, tape,glue, or velcro the L.E.D to a spot on the speaker. On Mine, I made sure the wire that I attached to The red wire was connected to the copper. Then, I made the yellow wire attached connected to the silver. Place hte cover and the glass back onto the L.E.D body then Re-insert the wires into the speaker terminals connected to the L.E.D wires then, turn the music on. If The L.E.D does not respond, make sure you turn its switch on, turn the volume up, or check for any mistakes or problems.

Step 5: Outro

DONE!!! Now Try It OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
My system is kinda weird. Its a panasonic 1000 watt home theatre system and the Speaker that I used can push 170 W MAX. The volume looks different, it starts at -84db. It Displays the same exact way. The Highest I ever turned up the volume without blowing the L.E.Ds was -22db. I guess its good for when there are parties eh...

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    4 Discussions

    Blak Wolf
    Blak Wolf

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've tried something similar to this, but I keep blowing the LEDs. Could you suggest something for me to do that will prevent this? Maybe a resistor? I don't know what strength to use if a resistor.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    lol no the speakers energy is supposed to be the power source for the Leds.