Double Barreled Knex Gun

Introduction: Double Barreled Knex Gun

this is a new gun with a slightly different trigger system... i made it in a two day knex making frenzy and so som of the structure stinks... feedback is great! sorry if the instructions are unclear. first instructable.

Step 1: Barrels

the barrels are very basic...
all you have to do is use 3 gray rods to make a barrel, then near the end on each rod put 3 tan pieces (foundations for mag)see pic 2

Step 2: Magz

easy, just use about any mag that fires white pieces

Step 3: Connect Together and Tripod Mount

improvise just connect them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look at pics

Step 4: Rams

look at pics
they are connected to gray rods...

Step 5: To Fire

add rubber bands load mag and u kno the rest
sorry for the cruddiness of it and i am lazy so ya

Step 6: Update

i would make it better but i am lazy and i dont have neough pictures...
her is the basics. First you dont have a mag. if you want one then look around it shouldnt be too hard to mod one in or 2 if you make it double barrel...
second. make to block trigger type barrels.
third. this is basically a fancy block trigger gun with levers
notes arent working
but in the pic imagine that the black rod is the barrel (in actuality it need to have to or three black rods for the trigger to work.)
the thing on the side imagin is a cuircular handle with a red inside.
*this gun has to have a support other wise it wont work. (that is why i made it double barrel (the barrels support each other))
now lets imagine that the handle and barrel are conected by a pivoty piece..
you now have to push down and the trigger goes up... it is a basic law of levers...

p.s. i will be deconstructing the gone soon and will try to take better pics of it in the process and make it better
p.s.s. some of the pices re broken on mine.. none of them really have to be i just grabbed them

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Of course! I've been a fan of valve games and was anticipating TF2

    Its an awesome game =) I think by now you should know my gamer tag... er screen name whatever... I play on the PC cause I didn't want to play on the X-BOX listening to twelve year olds talking crap


    12 years ago on Introduction

    guys um tryun to make slider gun that the ram is on the top gun but yhou still pull back the top. is this possible?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    you dont exactly tell us how to make the trigger, instructions are hard to follow, but the design seems pretty nice, please redo this


    12 years ago on Introduction

    well, um yea. this is not a instructable. please redo this, as no one can make the gun from this. i saw how you mentioned a new trigger. well there is no pictures on how to make the trigger.