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Instead of paying over 150 euro's (+/-200 US dollar) (Here are some examples) for a double cage i decided to build one for my girlfriend.

We happen to have two exact the same rabbit cage's for indoor.

My girlfriend had placed them on top of each other just to see how it looked, and she gave me green light to build it!

So here we go!

Step 1: Materials Needed

A plan.You need a plan. Inside your head or on paper. I drew a simple picture of how i want it to look. Later i designed it in sketchup (love that program!) The file is attached! The dimensions used is from a standard Bunny cage. Feel free to fiddle with the dimensions. The sketchup is primarily to give you the rough idea of the dimensions i used.

You need to gather wooden bars. I used the following :

width 4,5cm, height 4,5 cm, Length 120cm

Also you need these tools

  1. Electric screwdriver with bit and drill bit
  2. Screws
  3. A Crosscut Saw
  4. Woodglue
  5. White Paint

Step 2: Saw Your Frame

Next we are going to create the frame.

I measured the outer dimensions of the cage, but keep in mind that you need the edge over the bars.

The lower part of the cage can be separated from the top and this needs to sit flush in the frame.

First begin with building the 2 windows for the 2 lower parts of the cages.

If they are identical you can start on the legs

Step 3: Holes and Steps

At this point, it is wise to cut a hole in the top cage so the bunny can hop from the bottom to the top.

Just to make sure he doesn't cut himself on the iron i covered it up with 2 small pieces of wood, bolted together.

Also a ramp is added for him to climb up for the bottom to the top.

Step 4: Paint

At this step the woodglue has dried, and it is time to paint!

After sanding it down, i applied a firm basic coat of paint.

Just painted it white, so it matches several furniture in the living room.

Step 5: Add Bunny

Assemble the cage's in the frame. Add the necessary ground cover ( we used scraps of beech or scraps of cardboard).

Also the bunny has a separate (black) bin for him to poop. If you train you're bunny well, all of his droppings will end up in that small "toilet".



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    2 years ago

    This cage is TOO SMALL! says: One guideline to go by is at least 8 square feet of enclosure space combined with at least at least 24 square feet of exercise space, for 1-2 rabbits, in which the rabbit(s) can run and play at least 5 hours per day.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    The cage was always open. Our rabbits uses the cage to poop and te sleep. the rest of the day, they roam around our garden.
    Unfortunately both are dead now, because of a desease. Thank you for pointing out.

    Sturdy it is indeed!
    In the main time I had put some swivel wheels underneath the frame. Now it is much easier to handle. I don't need to lift the whole thing to drag it outside for cleaning. I simply push it outside. Much easier!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. One small problem remains. Our bunny is so smart he figured out that he can lift up the top cage so each morning i find him somewhere else than in his cage. Our little "houdini" ......