Double Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake With a Cream Cheese Finish

Introduction: Double Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake With a Cream Cheese Finish

Step one: Make your favorite chocolate recepie and bake them into jumbo cupcakes.

Step two: Allow to cool and with a small pairing knife cute out a cone shape size in the middle of the cupcake before putting the strawberry in the middle. (Preferably the size of the whole strawberry)

Step Three: Wash and cut the stem of a whole strawberry and pat dry with a napkin.  Dip the entire strawberry in strawberry glaze and push the strawberry in the the hole you cute in the cupcake until level to the top

Step Four: Let cupcakes set over night. ( We have no topping on top yet , we are not there yet don't worry :) 

Step Five : Make your favorite recepie of ganache.  Basic ingrediants are some heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Step Six : Once ganache is ready and made immediatly dip your cupcakes upside down into the chocolate and pull back out. It should form a nice smooth shiny surface. Since chocolate is still liquidy you can smooth even more with a spoon or fingers ...yummm

Step Seven : Finally while ganach sets make a small batch of cream cheese frosting and pipe your own little decoration ontop. I just did some swirlys :) The comments I got from this cupcake was that it was not to sweet (surpisingly) very moist and simple.  Enjoy! :)

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