Double Cross Fishtail Using Cray-Z-loom

Introduction: Double Cross Fishtail Using Cray-Z-loom

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I will be using the cray-Z-loom today, but any other loom works too..

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Step 1: Take Your First Color of Rubber Bands

sorry if the pic is upside down

Step 2: Place Your First Color Anywhere on the Loom in a Crazy Eight

sorry if it's upside down

Step 3: Then Take Your Next Color

Step 4: Place Your Next Color Diagonally in a Figure Eight

Step 5: Place Your First Color Straight on Top of the Same Color Figure Eight

Step 6: Do the Same With Your Other Colour

Step 7: Repeat the Two Previous Steps So That There Is Three Bands on Each of the Four Pegs

Step 8: Now Take Your Hook

Step 9: Hook All of the LAST Bands on Each Peg So That Your Loom Looks Like This.

Step 10: Repeat Putting on Bands and Hooking So That Your Bracelet Looks Like the One in the Photo

make sure when placing your bands that each peg has three bands on each, not two, not four, not one. When finished, you may take the bracelet off the loom. C clips are recommended. Have fun!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    not a dragon tail. Look up on google images "double cross fishtail" and patterns the same as this will come up


    5 years ago

    Do you honestly like "my little pony"?