Double Cross Weave Parachute (550) Chord



This 52'' belt contanes 84 ft. of parachord (550 chord) and a 3 in. buckle that doubles as a flint striker. The weave of the belt is made so that if you need to, you can access 2 strands of 42 foot chord easily. My friend, Karl (kaiga), has made the belt buckle out of 1095 spring steel from a garage door spring. It was forged, and then heat treated, and then added to the end of the belt using the rest of the parachord that is left over. The pin for the buckle is just simply a wire coat hanger bent and placed in at the end.

Karl (kaiga):

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Step 1: Materials

To make a Parachord Belt in this style, you will need:

1) 2- 42 ft strands of parachord (depending on the size of the belt)
2) 1- buckle
3) 1- coat hanger
4) 1- scisers
5) a source of fire (for melting the ends)
6) a will to finish an amazing belt

Step 2: Making the Weave

This video, below, is on how to make the actual belt part of the belt. It also shows you how to unravel the rope when you need to access it. Start with the two ends of the 42 ft. strands even at each end.


Step 3: To Add the Buckle

First find a buckle that would work as both a loop and a flint striker, or make one if you can forge. Then start wrapping the two ends of the belt around the buckle, going different ways. when they meet at the center, take one end and go through the first hole in the belt. Then on the opposite side, square knot the tow ends together. Then add the pin by wrapping a piece of the coat hanger over the wrapped end of the buckle.

Step 4: To Use

If you get in a sticky situation, you now have 84 ft. of parachute chord, and a flint striker.

To use the flint striker, wrap your fingers on one side of the loop, and strike flint, or a rock, on a sharp edge. If you strike it right, you should get sparks.

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