Double Decadence Gluten Free Pizza

- Gluten free wraps
- Cheese
- Tomato Purée
- Toppings

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Step 1: Double Decadence

Take two wraps and throw a layer of grated cheese on one. Put the second wrap on top

I used pre-grated cheese as it came as a cheddar and mozzarella mix as the mozzarella gives the pizza that nice stringy texture.

Step 2: Tomato Base

Add tomato purée and spread it almost to the edges.

Step 3: Cheese and Toppings

Add a layer of cheese and then your choice of toppings.

Step 4: More Cheese

Add a sprinkling of cheese to the top.

Step 5: Cooking

Stick it on the oven on your choice of tray at 180 degrees for 10 mimites

Step 6: Enjoy!



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