Double Duty Protest Sign/Solar Cooker




Intro: Double Duty Protest Sign/Solar Cooker

My generic Earth Day protest sign turns into a solar oven.
Now I can raise hell and cook at the same time.
Rice in about 2 hours.  A kindly society takes a bit longer.

Step 1:

Made from an old cardboard box and some foil and glue and/or duct tape. 
It unfolds into a reflector, and the cooking jars are carried in backpack.   The quart inner cooking jar could be full of leftovers from last night, or cook from scratch. Or make tea, coffee to share.

Step 2:

On a warm sunny day, you don't even need the outer cover. And, it draws folks naturally to your sign, so you can chat with them about things.  You know, things...



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It'll keep coffee or tea warm too, and you could use it as a signal mirror of some kind... Morse code with the flap open and closed?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    HA HA! Never thought of that! The Morse thing is a cool idea! Can keep the far ends of protest swarm connected. Of course we can use mobile phones! But that beats the idea of saving the planet.