Double Exposure With Lomo LC-A+ Film Camera

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In the age of digital photography, there is no anticipation or element of surprise. You snap photo after photo, only to review them seconds later, discarding any imperfections and only keeping a fraction of what you shoot.

Here are some ways to produce unique photos that you can’t produce with digital cameras:

Step 1:

1. Take a shot.  I usually shoot with ISO 100 film. The first frame you shoot should be in a fair amount of light and a good ground rule is to take the first shot of a texture (clouds, cobblestone, brick, striations).

Step 2:

2. WITHOUT WINDING THE FILM, slide the exposure switch on the bottom right of your LC-A+.

Step 3:

3. Take your second shot in order to double expose the film.   The second frame should be taken in brighter sunlight than the first or with a flash. The second frame should be of people or details.

Step 4:

4. Now, you may move the advance wheel forward.

If you wish to create multiple exposures, simply skip step 4, repeat steps 1 & 2 and once you are finished with that frame (at the end) move the advance wheel forward.

Ta-Da you will be producing photos like this in no time!



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