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Introduction: Two Half Hitches

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The Two Half Hitches is a general purpose hitch used for fastening a rope to a post, branch or any fixed object.

Just like the name suggests this is two half hitches done together. I find it is best to practice on a table.

In the description of tying a knot you will find the terms ‘load side’ and ‘working end’. For those of you that might be learning how to tie a knot for the first time, the ‘load side’ of a rope is the part of the rope that is not active in knot tying and the ‘working end’ is the part of the rope that does all the work in knot tying.

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Step 1:

Holding the rope in your left hand take the working end of the rope and make a loose loop to the right around your table leg overlapping the load side of the rope, the working end should be pointing to the left.

Step 2:

Twist the working end under the load side and up though the loop.

Step 3:

With your left hand hold the working end and load side parallel to each other. {Working on right, Load on left}

Step 4:

Below the loop twist the working end under then over the load side into the loop you just created.

Step 5:

Pull on both the load side and working end of the rope to tighten your Two Half Hitches.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What you got there is actually a reversed hitch. I know that the Ashley book of knots states it as an ok knot, but many of his peers, as well as I, disagree with him. This is a knot that tends to slip when jerked around (as on a boat, for example). Better to tie the second half hitch the opposite way from your pictures.


    Reply 3 years ago

    hubbe, for boating I agree this is a useless knot because it can become undone like you state when jerked around but it does serve a purpose in securing objects around the house {clothing line} or in a camping or survival situation {one side of a line between two trees to drape your trap over for a tent}. I would not use it to secure any object that can shift/move around.

    As far as the name while growing up in the Cub Scouts & Boys Scouts back then they called it a double half hitch, now I see they are calling it two half hitches. I have also found information making your point as well. It seems to come down to who taught who on what side the working end is to the load side of the rope when starting. With
    that in mind I will change the name to what the Boy Scouts are currently calling
    it "Two Half Hitches".

    Thank you for your comment.



    Reply 3 years ago

    Just as with everything taught from person to person names and methods tend to vary. Thank you for a nice instructable.