Double Knex Marble, Penny, or Knex Piece Shooting Gun. by Bannana Inventor

By request I posted this a double shooter type of knex gun. It can shoot marbles, pennies, knex pieces or any thing that will fit in the shooting tray.


Step 1: Building the First Part of the Handle.

Build the first part of the gun handle, you will need:
2 white connectors.
1 gray/yellow rod.
2 tan pieces.
1 gray spacer.
4 blue rods.

Step 2: Finishing the Gun Handle.

Finish the gun handle, you will need:

The first handle part.
1 gray single connector.
1 blue short single connector.
1 red/black 90 degree connector.
1 short gray rod.
1 short green/black rod

Step 3: Building the Ram.

Build the ram as shown. You later temporarily disconnect the yellow rod in step 8.

Step 4: Building the Barrel.

Build two of these accept switch the spacers and block pin around.

! !
! !
!!!!! = First one !!!!! = Second one
! !
! !
! !
! KEY:
! = Block pin ! = Spacer

Step 5: Connecting What You've Made So Far.

Connect the two barrels together with the three white rods.

Step 6: Building the Sides of the Shooting Tray.

Connect the four white rods onto the side of the black barrel end.
(front view of the barrel)

Step 7: Connecting the Handles.

Connect the handles to the 2nd and 4th, (front side down going up) ,black circle connectors on the barrel. Do the same with the other side.

Step 8: Rubber Bands

This is the step where you take off the yellow rod on the ram. Do that first. Then slide the two leftover ram pieces into the barrel.
Finally attach the rubber bands as shown. ( gun shown bottom-side-up ) Do the same attachments to the other side.

Step 9: Attach the Rubber Bands.

Attach the bands as shown. Do the same to the other side.

Step 10: Connecting the Yellow Piece.

Connect the yellow piece as shown.

Thanks for building my gun!!! :)



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    26 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this gun is not practiacal.
    block trigger-2
    the fact that this gun is so small and it is used by both hands is rediculious
    i will rate it 3.5 sars cuz its kinda interesting


    10 years ago on Introduction

    get one block trigger, duplicate it, cut a few pieces and masking tape (ooh i love masking tape) the together and you have....this!

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    i think that your pistle is better than this is. also does the fireing pin shoot at the same time or can you fire each one individualy

    5 replies

    I know it's a single shot, but if you read my comment I said that I designed this gun last year and I did NOT know about any of the semi or fully auto guns

    I am also sorry too. I thought you were talking about the good pistol I made. i understand that gun is bad, it was just for begginers. :)