Nerf - Double Maverick

When I first started playing Nerf wargames, we got a bunch of friends who bought Mavericks for the occasion. And why not? They're big fancy six-shooters, they're bound to be awesome! But they turned out to be a lousy choice we've been stuck with a surplus of guns that nobody uses.

So what do you do when life gives you lemons? Mad science, obviously.

Most of the double-gun mods I've seen involves sticking two together to be fired awkwardly with the fore and pinky fingers. But I saw someone use this arrangement once and it seemed far more sensible; you can't shoot with as high a volume, but you can quickly flip it around and keep shooting while your opponent is busy reloading.

-This is actually a fairly easy way to join the two. The only cuts made were to the bottom of each handle, creating a hollow like a magazine well in real handguns. From there, I fitted a square dowel to bridge the two and screwed them into place. You could probably do this without any adhesives, but I pumped it full of heavy-duty glue to be safe.
--Be careful not to bottom out the dowel completely. When I first tried this, it stuck in too deep and actually interfered with the trigger's backward travel. When you fit the dowel, make sure you can still shoot the thing before you screw and glue it in place!
-For this most lazy of paint jobs, I first blasted it with dark spray paint to make the seams and recesses pop more after the final coat. I'm kind of in love with a seas sponge I bought a year ago, so I dabbed it with a less gun-like color.
--It looks a little dull... being a Double Maverick, maybe I should've done it in a Double Rainbow? ...anyone? Okay, I'll let myself out. You've been a great audience.
-I happened to have an old set of counting beads made from shoelaces and hex nuts laying around uselessly, so I tied that to a priming handle for good measure.



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    We'll, true, but the Magnus is out now too and it only holds three darts, so this would be a useful mod for it. The Magnus is $15 btw.