Double Necked Guitar Stand




About: I am currently a Senior at the University of Louisville's Speed School of engineering shooting for my masters. As a kid I always felt like I needed to be making something with my hands I just didn't know how...

Right now i'm at school but at a paid internship, working 8-5 everyday. Its pretty fun except boredom starts to set in when everyone you  know has homework so I started asking my friends if I could build them anything with my spare time - A CHALLENGER APPEARS - My buddy is a jazz performance major here at U of L and I noticed not only does he not have a stand for one of his guitars but also his mandolin!

I was able to find a beautiful piece of veneered plywood at Home Depot in the cull bin for 1 dollar so this project got started on the right foot financially (You know they say...there are hundreds of dollars to be made in the music industry each year). The piece of wood obviously dictated the rest of the project and I knew i could only make one stand but  I was feeling dangerous so after some various designs and a pep talk to the best craftswoman I know (my mother) I finished this and Im pretty satisfied with the results.

I made the top removable to help with transportation and because my original piece was only 2' x 3' so to get the height for a stand I needed to piece it together anyway so I added that bit of luxury. I might need to add weight to the base to make sure it stays stable since I had not expected it to hang out so far. Also, I still need to pick up some felt to truly finish it off.
I credit the inspiration for the design to cgapay and his guitar stand.

When I first designed it i had the necks attached directly to the sides but could not achieve the bevel needed without a table saw. What you see is the compromise. However, I forgot to redo the physics because the instruments now hang out further than anticipated, making the stand want to tip. I corrected for this by adding another layer to the base of high density particle board for weight.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    it's so depressing to see how the most simple cuts are made with laser cutters.. on most instructables.. damn

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It's funny you say that, when I first showed my friends they were gawking at where I was able to use a laser cutter. At first I was confused as to why they thought these pieces were laser cut till I realized what they saw. My guess is you too are assuming that the dark stain I used on the edges are laser cut burns. All of these components were hand cut by me. I do know what you mean though, I feel everyone on this site has access to a laser cutter even when one is not necessary.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great work! That's awesome! (& thanks for the shout-out too!)