Double Pendulum Perpetual Kinetic Sculpture




Double pendulum perpetual kinetic sculpture

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Step 1: Make a Box

Step 2:

Cut aluminum sheet in this shape shown in images.

Step 3: Thing U Need

Thing u need The circuit uses a few common parts:

NPN transistor 2N2222

PNP transistor 2N3906

Diode 1N4007

Resistor - 1-100K

1 Meg preset resistor

Capacitor 3300uf and 1000uf


Battery 2 AA alkaline cells 1.5 v

Coil 28 gauge copper wire (500 turns ) 1/4" inner diameter

Magnet 10 mm × 10 mm

Ball Bearing id 4mm od 8mm w 4mm

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Falta el esquema del circuito para completar el Instructable.


    2 years ago

    A schematic would be nice. Also where do the magnets and electromagnet go? Its not clear from your pictures.

    1 reply