Double Pouched Crown Royal Dice Bag (with Flourishes)

Introduction: Double Pouched Crown Royal Dice Bag (with Flourishes)

A purple crown royal bag for holding your dice is classic geek. This modification increases the functionality of your crown-dice-bag. By inverting the bottom of the bag and forming another drawstring at the other end, a second pouch is made for storing more/different dice.

I use the secondary (abyssal) side to hold the dice that I am using for my current gaming. Other dice that I don't use much go in the other side.

The flourishes for mine also make a functional abyssal fiend-with-many-eyes-and-teeth hand puppet.

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Step 1: Make Secondary Button-holes

  1. Tuck about half of the bottom of the bag into itself.

  2. Use two pins to mark the location of the button-holes, leaving a bit of distance from the edge of the fold. Careful only to get the outer fabric, since you will unfold this in the next step.

Step 2: Sewing the New Buttonholes.

Sorry there are no pictures for this step.

Untuck the bottom of the bag, leaving the pins in place.

If you are lucky your sewing machine has a removable foot piece for doing cuffs, and you can slide the whole bag onto the assembly and do the button holes from that side.

Sew button-holes, about 1.5cm long where the pins are located. Remeber, you only want to get one layer of fabric.

If you are sewing by hand or your sewing machine doesn't have a button-hole setting, good luck.

Step 3: Sewing the New Drawstring Collar.

This is by far the hardest step, because you have probably got to do some scrunching to get the bag onto the machine. Hand sewers, no problem except your painful painful slowness.

Tuck the bottom of the bag back in and pin it in place. This time we will be sewing through both inner and outer layers, just below the button-holes.

Sew around the bag, just below the button-holes. Be careful, go slow, try to get the line to match up with itself when you get back around.

Step 4: Thread the New Cord.

Cut out the centers of the button-holes if you haven't already. Careful not to split the button-hole.

Fashing yourself a pulling hook from a coat hanger or something.

Attach the new cord to the pulling hook. Feed it through one button hole, around, and out the second hole.

Remove the pulling hook and re attach it at the second hole. The finish feeding the cord around the perimeter and back out hole one.

Now feed the other end of the cord through hole one the other direction to hole two. The result should be threaded as shown, with the partial overlap of threads.

Step 5: Adjust the Original Drawstrings and Collar.

At this point I discovered that the new half of the bag was large enough but the original cinch cord is situated a good several inches from the top of the bag, and it was eating up all my storage space. So I had to bust all the seams on the original and make new button holes and a new cinch collar. This may vary depending on the size and type of bag you get.

Break the seams.

Create new button-holes.

Do everything pretty much all over again on the other (the original) side. This will be much easier, probably. There was enough room for me to fit the whole bag onto my sewing machine, so no awful scrunching.

Step 6: Add Abyssal Flourishes

After re-threading the original cord back through (I made my buttonholes large enough for this) you are pretty much done and have a finished double ended dice bag (double ended as in darth maul) but personally I like some elder horrors, so I added some googly eyes and teeth. It is now functional as a hand puppet as well as double sided dice bag.

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    3 Discussions


    13 years ago

    It clearly needs tentacles for that proper eldritch look.


    13 years ago

    I quite enjoy the googley eyes.