Double Sided Altoid Wallet





Introduction: Double Sided Altoid Wallet

I took the lid off of one altoid tin, and attached it to the back of another. This lets me separately carry one or two cards, eg. a credit card and my ID, on the back of the tin. That way I don't have to dig through the wallet all the time.



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    I used dremmel for the longer cuts, then used a really sharp knife VERY GENTLY to cut the smaller cuts perpendicular to the long ones. If you hold the knife blade from the blunt side, close to the tip, and press it down very carefully, it works. Mark everything out with a fine sharpie first. You want the cuts to align with the lid perfectly.

    my loss change makes a hell of a racket in my tin

    cool slideshow, i would have made an instructable because it doesn't seem to have many steps. This is definitely going into my to-do list

     you have got to make an Instructable on this.

    That's pretty cool! Everything is better when it's altoids. Do you think you're going to make an Instructable on this soon?

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