Double Sided Coin Bracelet/ Anklet



Introduction: Double Sided Coin Bracelet/ Anklet

This is a guide to make a coin bracelet. Any coin of any country will work. It depends on what you like. Also you can put as many coins or as few was you want. I used 4 dimes but you could use small coins or large coins. It is kind of like a good luck charm bracelet.

Tools and where to get:
Drill/ punch and die- any tool store
Torch or heat gun- any tool store
steel hammer- any tool store
Wire/ string- anything from craft wire or silver or gold wire to fishing string will work.
Doming block set- harbor freight is the best bet for this and all the other tools, do not buy on amazon if possible.

Amazon is good and I like it, but they over price tools a lot. My Doming block from harbor freight was listed on amazon for 125$ at harbor freight the same set cost 40$ and I paid 30$ with a 25% off coupon. My punch set was 29.99$ at harbor freight it was 74.99 on amazon. (I am just trying to help, I do not work for either I'm just trying help stretch your dollar)

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Step 1: Making the Whole in the Coin

First is how many coins you want, maybe a coin from your birth year and one from the graduation year. 1964 or earlier are made from 90% silver. 1965 and later are copper and nickel. (For United States Coins). Once you have selected the number of coins and the type of coins you can begin. Take a small drill bit or in this case a whole punch that is bigger then the string or wire that will go through the coin. I don't recommend going through the center because it will look strange. I used dimes. Repeat this for all the coins that you want to use.

Step 2: Doming the Coin / Coins

This step will make light bounce off the coins and draw attention and notice. I like the dome look because it seams to draw light in. Anyway take your Heat gun or torch, I used a heat gun this time because I haven't used it yet. Heat up the coin a little bit, not a full anneal. This will soften the coin for a moment to dome it more easily. Once the coin is softer put leather on both the top and bottom. The leather is so you don't flatten the image on the coin. Then choose a punch and take you steel hammer and tap on the punch until it makes a bowl of the coin. Repeat for each coin you want to be domed.

Step 3: Polishing the Coins

I use a brand called "Mothers mag an aluminum polish". This is good for all metals not just aluminum! Take a dab of polish to the coin and a rag, rub until desired shine is reached.

Step 4: Finishing

Now just string you coins use bead or other things that represent you and things you like. I promise that there will never be a bracelet alike to it. All coins are different ages and different qualities. Please enjoy this guide and I hope this inspires you to make an art of your own. Leave questions or comments if I have forgotten something. Please enjoy.

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