Double Sided PCB




Introduction: Double Sided PCB

The process to making double sided PCB Boards .


-pcb cleaner

- double sided board

- gresse soldering

- soldering iron

- solder wire

- Iron (Press)

- FeCl3

- drilling machine

Step 1: Double Sided PCB Part 1

Step 2: Double Sided PCB Part 2

Step 3: Double Sided PCB Part 3

Step 4: Double Sided PCB Part 4

Step 5: Double Sided PCB Part 5

Step 6: Double Sided PCB Part 6

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I see paper sticking to copper from non-toner areas. I get the best results with ordinary glossy coated paper of the thinnest grammage (around100g). It releases completely with no manual intervention. ---|>|---


    4 years ago

    If I may ask... what type of paper did you use and on what printer/copier did you print the patterns? I have been having trouble using my HP 476nw LaserJet and I have tried photo paper, magazine pages, cheap Amazon toner transfer paper and even Pulsar toner transfer paper. I usually route boards by hand with a Dremel, but on a much more complicated design I am working on, I can't do that. I have used the toner-transfer method successfully in the past. Just trying to figure out what has been going wring lately! Thanks...