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About: I'm really fun and enjoy looming. I love my rainbow loom and making new things everyday. I like to be crafty, and love learning new things.. Enjoy sharing my ideas and creations! :). Check me out on YouTube,...

This is a bracelet I really had fun making. It is a bit hard but worth the time. It comes out totally awesome, and its double sided, from a person to a gingerbread person! I also have made a couple cute charms for the gingerbread side, the picture of the charms at the end.

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Step 1:

Arrange your loom as a rectangle, arrow pointing you.

Step 2:

Lay rubber bands like this, starting from the top down. All bands doubled except bands going horizontal.

Step 3:

On the head the pegs 3 rows down have band that is folded in half and placed on horizontally.

Step 4:

Next we will make the capping bands on the feet, take one band per foot and twist it around the feet pegs 3 times.

Step 5:

Next we will make the body parts. On the unused bottom 9 pegs we will make the arms. Place the bands as shown in the picture, laying them down arrow pointing away from you. Add a double layer of capping bands per arm.

Step 6:

Take the arms and loop them as shown, then place them as shown. Make sure to go under the peg with the arm on it and grab the bottom 2 bands. Loop them to the peg in the middle. Remember both sides.

Step 7:

We will now make the eyes and buttons. For the eyes take 2 rubber bands and twist them around your hook so you see 3 rings per rubber band. Then take one rubber band and pull the 2 eyes on the band and place the eyes as shown. For the buttons twist one band around your hook 3 times so you see 3 rings, pull the band over 2 bands and repeat this 2 more times. Then place them as shown.

Step 8:

We are now ready to loom! :)

Step 9:

The arrow should point toward you.-
Starting with the feet go under all the bands to the bottom 2 bands and loom up. Continue all the way up to the arms and neck. Loom left to right for all 3 rows. it should look like shown.

Step 10:

This will be the hardest part. The middle peg of the neck will be we're we are now looming. Go under all of the bands until you find the 2 bands that belong to the left of the heads bands. Pull them through all the bands and loop them onto the slanted peg above it. Repeat these steps on the other 2 pegs. It should make a tear drop shape if you have grabbed the correct bands. It should look like shown.

Step 11:

next loom from left to right. Going under all the bands grab the bottom 2 bands and loop forward. Repeat for all rows until you get to the top.

Step 12:

Just like what we just did go under all the bands and Grab the bottom 2, loop in to the peg to the side of it.

Step 13:

At the top should be the middle peg, we just finished looming the last of our person on it , so we need to secure it. Go under all of the bands so the hook is exposed. Grab a band and pull it through all the bands. Pull 1 end of the band through the other.

Step 14:

You can now carefully take off the person.

Step 15:

We will now make his arm cuffs. Just twist a band around each arm until it's tight.

Step 16:

Now for our connector. On our hook we will make a connector to make a bracelet. First stick your hook through a place in your persons lower body like as shown. Then pull 1 band through him. Then continue to pull bands through bands to create a single loop chain.make it as long as needed.

Step 17:

Once it is as long as you've wanted take one of the ends of your rubber band and loop it through the other end. Then tie the loop on the top of the person to the loop of the connector bracelet, so it is now 1 big bracelet.

Step 18:

Your bracelet is now completed! :) it should look like this...

Step 19:

Last but not least, I have made some cute charms for the person/ gingerbread person. I've made a butterfly, cross, 2 flowers, a Christmas wreath, and a candy cane! Don't forget this is reversible! Thanks for viewing!

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    5 years ago

    Sorry, the process is too Long to show the whole thing being made. But like I said go to YouTube. :)


    5 years ago

    If you could make the bands more clear because you go from nothing to the whole loom being covered like "poof"


    5 years ago

    Please vote 4 me if you love this bracelet!


    5 years ago

    Thanks, guys! Also I will try to post more pics. If I can't, a lady on YouTube called ElegantFashion 360, has made a gingerbread man Cham like mine, she is an awesome loomer too!


    5 years ago

    Can you add more pictures on how to place the bands?


    5 years ago

    OMG I love rainbow loom and this is my favorite bracelet I've seen


    5 years ago

    Leave comment below, I'd love to hear your feedback!


    5 years ago

    Hi, kawaii lover here. This is my favorite bracelet and I really enjoy making them, I wanted to share them with people because they are totally awesome! I've entered my bracelet in the bracelet competition so if you love this bracelet please vote for me. Thanks! :) also check out my other rainbow loom creations and be sure to vote!