Double Strand Diamond Paracord Knot (tutorial)




Step 1: Supplies

To start off, you will need a key ring and a strand of Paracord, you can cut a new piece or excess cord you cut off a bracelet or whatever else.

Step 2: Starting Off

Find the middle of the cord and place it on the key ring like so in the picture above.

Step 3: Looping

Then make a loop with on strand of the cord and do the same to the other strand, like so in the picture above. When you have that done, it should like how I have mine in the picture above.

Step 4:

Then you want to grab the left cord and cross it over, like so in the picture above.

Step 5:

Then after that you can pic it up and hold it in your hands if you weren't, like me in the pictures so far, then you can hold like how I'm doing it, or which ever way is comfortable for you.

Step 6:

Bring the 2 loops that you made close together and over lapping, like so in the picture above. Then grab the cord closest to you and you want to weave that cord in and out of the loops. Like so in the picture above.

Step 7:

When woven, should look like the picture above.

Step 8:

Grab the cord on you right and bring it over that very top loop with the key ring in it, like so in the picture, after you've done that Bring it around and behind the woven part you created and through the middle hole of the woven piece you've made. Then tighten it just a little bit like so in the pictures above.

Step 9:

Once that's done and grab the furthest corner on the left and bring it around and under the cord, like so in the picture above. Then bring that around and through the same hole you put the pervious string through and it should look similar in the picture above.

Step 10: Tightening

When tightening you can pull the two strands of cord on each side gently and allow the strings to move into place. Like so in the pictures above.

Step 11:

You can start using your fingers to help tighten some of the cord and push them into the place if needed. Like so in the picture above.

Step 12:

If tightening it, and it looks something similar to this, it's completely fine.
You can start tugging a bit on the knot to help tighten the knot. Like so in the pictures above.

Step 13: COMPLETED!!

Once done your finished product should look similar like in the pictures above!
The knot can be useful for a lot of outdoor adventures, and for accessories at the same time, I have a key chain with a knot on it, and looks pretty cool with it!
Hope you enjoyed! And hope it wasn't to confusing.



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    Good Photos and descriptions!