Double TR18




hey guys ,

this is my new gun.
it's a double TR18 as you can see..
i had a single TR18 bud i thought why not 2 turrets at one gun ??
so i started to build this gun , and here it is the double TR18


- shoots 120 feet+
- has two turrets of 17 shots (34)
- 2 triggers , so you can shoot 1 a time or 2 a time

less special:

- use many connectors
- heavy
- reloading time is 1 minute

credit to :


tell me what you think about it and don't forget to rate!

I'm not gonna post it. If you really want to make it you can build it on your one and ask me for details. 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ok so I built this and I have an instructions 'ible ready to go but I need your permission. So can I post this? Don't worry I will give you credit for it in my 'ible.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    SwagBoss is the same thing but a bit more practical. Though you could always use this as a club if you ran out of ammo...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    tanks! haha that sunglasses sucks so i decide to shoot on it... but for everyone i quit knex. i am 16 now and trust me i love knex ! i still make something sometimes but i am to old. maybe i will post my destroyer as a 'good bye'gun.
    it is a kind of tr only you can put on it what you want. from a shotgun attachment till a nail attachment. i will show you that. i have 14 attachments. I like mij nail attachment and ink attachment the most ( it is just made of knex but you can shoot ink and nails away) ( OUT OF A KNEX BARREL ) so..

    maybe in the future i will post it.. but a don't no for sure... because of my responsibilities... children plays with it.. i don't want a bad name..

    Thank you all!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    What? You can't be serious. Age is never a good reason to stop Knexing! I'm seventeen, I still love Knex! We've got knexers around here that are already over 30 years. 16 is probably the average age of the real serious Knexers around here.

    Knex may be a toy, but when you are so serious about Knex it is more then a toy. It has become a testbed for creativity and technology, a DIY access to experimenting with mechanics and engineering! It all depends on how serious you want to go with it. For me, I'm pretty damn serious.

    Don't stop Knexing. Unless you really dislike Knex, don't stop.

    (Sorry for the late reply, but I just had to day this.)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You are right but i shame my self ( im also 17 right now ) but i'm scared that my girl friend see me or some one else .. I don't want that people know that i'm playing with knex.. I live in Holland and this country is a piece of sh*t! Realy violence is here just a normal thing.. Drug Whore's everything is here Legal.. I hate this country.. And i still love knex! but you can't be yourself here or you will be bullied.. i saw a vid of bakenbitz.. killerk..oodalumps and others that they had a knex war in a child play thing ( my english is crap ) and nobody was watching or something or laughing.. no it was normal! but if i will do that here.. they will kick us.. and filming us .. so that's why.. lol.. my whole lifestory in here haha..

    My friends know, and my girlfriend knows, they all think its cool, and they tell me to keep it up :) you shouldnt be ashamed, if they are true friends, they wont put you down :)

    My girlfriend is 17 :P she gonna be 18 soon, and all my friends are either my age, or older XD so dont trip, please stayyy

    Haha, oke i maybe stay.. but uhm do you want to work on a project with me?
    I'm making a lot of constructions on a paper abouth a trigger mech and stuff.. i want to make the most powerfull RAM<< ! system gun! and I want to make that with help form a string.. or rope.. you no what i mean.. so if you want to i can send you some pics of my idea and maybe i would be able to make the most powerfull gun with your help?? what do you think??

    I would love to work on a project with you :) And cool, yeah, send some pics, do you have a skype? maybe we can chat, or call, and see what we can do :) right now, the best system is a tube gun, its smooth, and gets the best distance for ram.

    Great! cool, uhm i'm not availible till 3 january.. because of new year and stuff.. so i'm back on the 3rd.. uhm yes i have skype but my english is as good as the vagina of my grandma so i think that its better to write .. but i we also can talk to eachother via skype! uhm i don't know what a tube gun is.. haha.. i think that a ram gun good is with a good pin-guide and than we have to use a string so we can put a lot of power on the ram..

    great you agree to work on a project with me and i wish you a happy new year!

    see you soon! ;)

    lol, great, cuz i already started a new gun XD, well, its ok, we can work it out, im a very patient person so dont worry :) ill show you what a tub gun is but later, lol, but we also need to work on a strong trigger mech. Have a good one :D

    See ya :)


    I'm back, haha i will make pictures of my idea tomarrow (< wtf bad english) i think.. a strong trigger is important and a strong trigger guide to.. i will use a string.. to pull the ram back and i will use a pump for that.. i will show it!

    ~ dirtyguyy < better name??