Double Tr18 Instructions

Introduction: Double Tr18 Instructions

About: U.B. Electrical Engineering. I enjoy building with Knex and I have been using this site for a few years now. So, subscribe if you like what I do.

Hello, I made this from Dirtyboyy's pictures he posted. I managed to make it from the five pictures he posted. (Some spots are mine like the modded front sight and the handle and some inards). It's a double Tr-18. I would like to say that 5% credit goes to KillerK for the turrets and some of the trigger, 80% to Dirtyboyy for the gun, and the rest to me for making the instructable. This is my first of hopefully many instructables so don't hate. However i will accept constructive criticism as I do not know how to really make an instructable so I am hoping that this turns out just fine. O.k. so on to pro's and con's!

-Packs a punch
-Shoots white rods 120+ feet. (Yellows 50+)
-Has two turrets of 17 shots. (34 total)
-I have instructions to make it have two triggers or to just have one. (I prefer the single trigger)
-It looks very cool.
-Comfy handle and foregrip.
-Sights for shooting both barrels at once and also individual sights for each barrel.
-Very sturdy
-Good rate of fire
-Turrets don't sag!
-Fun to build

-Takes a long time to reload.
-Uses a lot of pieces. (Sorry but i did not make a parts list)
-It's kind of heavy.
-Uses like ten broken white rods, two broke red rods, and one broken y connector. (These are optional though except for the red rods)
-May be too big for some people.
-Need to hot glue and tape the ram or it will blow up from the force of a lot of rubber bands.

Stats anyone...
-Weighs exactly 4.5 pounds.
-27 1/4 inches long. (Without ammo in)
-Width of about 10 inches at turrets and 3 inches at stock.
-11 layers thick. (Yellow rod)
-Shoots white rods 120+ feet.

***DISCLAIMER*** KillerK, Dirtyboyy, and I are not responsible for any damage that may be done by this weapon.

DON'T FORGET TO RATE!!! (Please tell me if there are any problems with my instructable and I will try to fix it.)

O.k. so build it...NOW!!!

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Step 1: Build the Turrets

O.k. so build two. Thanks to Hiyadudez for the turret pictures. (Some of Hiyadudez' pictures wouldn't upload correctly when I tried it.) (The last three pictures are mine) You should still be able to build it. Follow image notes.

1.-9. Lots of views
10. Gather
11. Lay these on
12. Another view
13. Lay these on
14. Another view
15.-18. Roll it up
19.-20. Attach it
21. Done
22. Gather
23. Build the second one and set these aside.

Step 2: Front Barrel (Big Block)

Alright so I took this apart and took some decent pictures of what to make. Have fun. (You will have broken fingers by the end of this step.) Some spots are marked to put reenforced red rods. They are optional but recomended. Follow image notes.

1. What you will make
2. Make this. It's two red rods full of white connectors connected with 2 green rods. TIP: When connecting the two rows of whites together only use one green rod on each side. Don't fill the whole thing up.
3. Other view
4. 11 white rods
5. Build this
6. Other view
7. Build a mirror opposite
8. Make
9. Make
10. Pay close attention to the way the brown clips are faced
11. Make, be sure to use reenforced red rods or the turrets will sag.
12. Gather
13. Gather. If you don't want to cut the Y clip then don't gather any Y clips for this picture.
14. Make this block. Sorry but it's impossible to take that apart.
15.-21. Other views.
22. Attach the first block to the second block. (The green rods on the bottom of each individual block are what hold them together)
23. Other view
24. Attach that plate on the top.
25. Attach the right wing.
26. Bottom view of connection. This is the most painful connection of the whole gun.
27. Attach the wheel and axel.
28. Disconnect half of that plate.
29. Add the front part of the front sight. It fits perfectly between the pieces sticking out of the white connectors.
30. Add the back part of the front sight. If you dont wanna cut the Y clip then don't add either one.
31. Reattach the plate. Aiming down the sights.
32. Add the yellow pieces from picture eight.
33. Attach the left wing. Very painful.
34. Attach the left wheel and axel.
35. Add on the four gray spacers from picture 12 and you are done with this block.

Step 3: Take a Break

I reccomend taking a break and sticking your hands in some ice. Oh and make a Milkshake!

Step 4: Trigger(s)

Hello again! Hope you had a great break. So here you will make either the single trigger or the double triggers. I am a fan of the single trigger. It is more comfortable.
1. This is the single trigger. This is what will be made.
2. Gather
3. Attach them.
4. Make
5. Other view.
6. Attach and add female ball joints.
7. Build this piece if you are making the single trigger.
8. This is the double trigger. You will be making two.
9. Gather. Put tape around the green rod.
10. Build
11. Build
12. Attach
13. Build two.

Step 5: Handle

This step is for the handle. Duh. Build it. Pay close attention to the image notes.

1. What you will be making.
2. Make this panel.
3. Make/ gather these pieces. Notice the differences.
4. Put them together.
5. Gather the pieces for the handle. Notice the differences.
6. Attach it in this order.
7. Build/ gather.
8. Add
9. Another view.
10. Make
11. Attach
12. Add the handle.
13. Make
14. Attach
15. Make
16. Attach
17. Another view.
18. Yet another view
19. Build
20. Gather
21. Add
22. Add on the block from picture 19.
23. Another view
24. Build
25. Attach
26. Add on the rest from picture 20.
27. Build
28. Attach
29. Another view and you are finished with this portion.

Step 6: Stock

Here is the stock. I did not take it apart because it is all one block. It's very easy dont worry. Pay attention to the image notes.

1.-7. Different views

Step 7: The Ram Rods

These are the ram rods for the gun. Follow the image notes.

1. What you need to build the rams.
2. Attach like so.
3. Build two.

Step 8: Attaching the Trigger(s)

Here's how to attach the different triggers to the barrels. Pay attention to image notes.

1. All of the pieces you should have. You will use parts A, E, and F.
*Attaching the single trigger.
2. Disconnect one of the yellow pieces on the main chunk and insert the single trigger.
3. Reattach the yellow piece.
4. The trigger should pop up through here like so.
5. How it should look.
6. Take this from what you built a few steps ago.
7. Attach it to the foregrip by snapping it in like this.
8. Another view of the trigger with the stopper.
*Attaching the double trigger.
9. Remove one of the yellow pieces and insert one of the triggers.
10. How it goes in.
11. Add the other trigger and put that piece back on.

Step 9: Attaching the Turrets

Attaching of the turrets occurs here. Follow image notes.

1. What you need. You need parts A and D. 
2. Add the rubberbands like so. (Number 64's work the best)
3. Slide the turret onto the axel and hook the rubber band to the tan clip.
4. Add the blue spacer on the front.
5. Add the blue metallic connector on the front.
6.-8. Add the other turret on and do the same with the band and connections.
9. What the turrets should look like.

Step 10: Attaching the Rams

Here is how you attach the rams. Very easy.

1. This is what you need for this step. You need parts A and G.
2. They attach to the black rods.
3. Pushed in all of the way.
4. The ram should push out of here. 

Step 11: Attaching the Handle

In this step you attach the handle to the body. Follow image notes.

1. What you need to build this. You need parts A and B.
2. The two parts.
3. Attach them.
4. The trigger with the handle.
5. How the guides for the rams connect.

Step 12: Attaching the Stock

Almost done, just attach the stock. Follow image notes.

1. The two chunks.
2. Attach them.
3. Close up of connection.
4. The red connectors should all line up like so.

Step 13: Adding Rubberbands

The final touches. You are going to be adding the bands and such. Follow the image notes

1. Grab a trigger band. #32's work the best.
2.-4. Attach trigger band.
5. Grab some ram bands.
6. Remove the plate
7. If you use a big band, make a figure eight,
8. Fold it in half.
9. Disconnect the front part of the sight and wrap the bands around the white conector.
10. Put the bands on the ram.
11. Reattach the front part of the sights.
12. Reattach the plate
13. Aiming down the middle sight.
14. Aiming down one of individual sights.

Step 14: Loading and Firing

To load, rotate the turrets a few rotations then add in one bullet. Continue to add bullets the rest of the way around the turrets. Pull back the pins and pull the the trigger(s). Pretty simple. It just takes a while. Follow image notes.

1. Turrets
2. Rams
3. Trigger

Step 15: You're Done!

So this was my first instructable. Tell me what you think. Hope you enjoyed! Sorry I couldn't break up the chunks a bit more but this was a big, bulky, difficult project so I did my best. Have fun with your gun!!!


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Post a picture of your finished gun and I will put it on the last step!!!


    10 months ago


    The Knexer
    The Knexer

    7 years ago on Introduction

    this makes me wanna make a quad tr 36 XD MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I WOULD ALWAYS WIN XD


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi knextremist, its really about 2 years ago i was for the last time on instructables. I saw your message for permission and you have. I am glad you posted this awesome gun so people can make this. I quit knex 2 years ago so i would never be able to post this gun. Good luck boy, thank you for posting and have loads of fun with it!



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Great gun on your part! And thanks for the permission!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Three TR18's or three shot? Three would be wierd! Ha.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It would probably have to be mounted on some sort of a tripod if used in battle because it's pretty colossal! XD


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you like it. It is a fun build so I think you should make it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made this ages ago from the same pictures as you did. Was kool, but the whole back end is pointless . I removed the whole back end and had it as more of a massive pistol


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah the stock is 100% opttional, I like it though.