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Introduction: Double Winged Hair Bow

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There's something very cute and feminine in little girls with bows. Today I'm going to show you how to make a double winged bow in a very easy way. I added a rhinestone to it that makes it look more expensive and pretty.

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Step 1: Materials

40-50 centimeters of 2" ribbon

Diamond shape rhinestone (with little holes to sew it)

Thread and needle

Hair clip


Glue gun

Step 2: Use Your Hand

Put the ribbon in your hand with the end facing down.

Give it 3 turns around your hand and now the other end will be facing up.

Cut the ribbon like 1 inch more than the last turn.

Step 3: Sew It

Take it off your hand and hold it from the center.

Use the thread and needle and introduce the needle in the center of the ribbon. Cross it over the ribbon and introduce the needle in the center again and pull it.

Cross it down and insert the needle in the center and pull again. Now you can see the bow shape.

Step 4: Cut and Shape

Cut the ends of the ribbon in a "V" shape and use your fingers to open the ribbon so that the double wings can be more noticeable.

Step 5: Sew the Rhinestone.

Use the thread and needle again to sew the rhinestone in the middle of the bow. This will also cover the thread that we sew before. Use the holes in the rhinestone to do so.

*If you have a rhinestone with no holes on it you can glue it to the bow with a glue gun.

Step 6: Hair Pin

Put some glue in the hair pin and place the ribbon on it. Hold it for some seconds until the glue cools down.

There you have it! It looks great and you can make it with different colors to match your little girl's outfit.

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