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Another Way to Lace up your shoes.

Step 1: What You Need

Shoe strings
(the obvious)

Step 2: String

String the string under the eyelets.

Step 3: \

cross the string over 2 eyelets above the first on the left.

Step 4: X

cross over with the other one to make an X with 2 eyelets in between on each side.

Step 5: Under

Put the string through the eyelets under the last set you went through.

Step 6: XX

Make a second X with one eyelet in between.


Done, tie your strings and wear your new laces.



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    Wow, someone is being petty. Not everyone sees Ian's shoelace site. why don't you give it a rest. what the H*LL does it matter if he makes them up or gets them somewhere else.

     no i just dident use this one. i made this ible off my mind. i put up like an ible a day for these shoe lacing ones.