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Introduction: Double-ended Pen

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Sometimes I need two pens of different colors handy for marking drawings. To keep them together, Here is a way to have two pens in one. You simply take two BIC Round Stic pens of your color choice, trim the ink tubes and shove them together.

Step 1: Take Them Apart

First, pull apart the pens to separate the pen part from the barrel. Don't pull apart the ink tube from the tip or you will have a mess.

Step 2: Measure and Mark the End.

On the end is the end cap. The cap is so tight to the barrel, you need to cut it off with a razor or Xacto knife. Measure 3/8 inch from the edge of the barrel.

Step 3: Cut the End

Cut off the end cap by 3/8 inch.

Step 4: Mark the Ink Tubes.

Lay the pen sections side by side as shown to determine were to cut the ink tubes. The tubes need to be short enough when assembled, to have an 1/8' gap between the ends. The ends can't touch together when shoved back in the "Round Stic" barrel or the ink will mix and run out. The ink is thick and capillary action keeps the ink inside. Use a sharpie to mark were to cut.

Step 5: Cut Each Ink Tube

Use a razor or exacto knife to cut the ink tube. Do it on a piece of toilet paper and wipe the blade clean after cutting. Don't use scissors or you will have a mess.

Step 6: Clean the Ends.

Use toilet paper to clean all the ink at the ends. This will prevent the ink from running out. Try to get a bit just below the edge of the cut. Throw away the end you just cut. You will loose some of the ink, but have you ever had a pen long enough to use all the ink? With this new and cool pen, everyone will want it!

Step 7: Clean Ends

This is what the ends should look like after cleaning.

Step 8: Check Before Re-assembly

Check the lengths before re-assembly. Lay the two half's side to side. Now you are ready to shove them together to form one double color pen.

Step 9: The Final Jam

If you have trouble getting the two half's together in the Round Stic barrel, use the other barrel to jam it together.

Step 10: You're Done!

Now you got a double ended pen to amaze and freak out your friends with. The original Idea came from Mark Sherman, Thanks Mark!



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    mini pens to start put into regular pen case, how bout highlighter and pen, sure u can buy it that wayarent most things on i'bles things that exsist somewhere else, i'm thinking my fav sharpie, industrial kind,(best for greenhouse use) with a regular pen....okay better to put the pen in the sharpie case???? any ideas on a home made clickable sharpie(i can't find the kind i use made that way...maybe if hidden in my own casing it wont disappear so quickly....

    Oh, that picture is of the refills. This is the pen body that you use.


    And of course, if you don't want to go through all the work you can always buy a multi color pen.  Given, most traditional multi pens come only in standard colors such as black, blue, red, and green. But there are new multi-pens on the market that allow you to choose the color of your choice. For example, the Pilot Coleto pen ( allows you to choose from over a dozen different refill colors. Plus they're different refill nib sizes, in case you like a broad or fine point tip. My husband uses one that has the refills black, light blue, and red when editing papers. I got it for him for a gift one time, and he's been using it ever since. Just a thought. But I appreciate the creative spirit behind your pen modification. Thanks for the article!


    i improved it by setting fire to the open end of each ink cartridge. the ink will burn, blow it out after about 3 seconds and then clamp the end with pliers and trim/wipe it off. now it is sealed!

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    A sealed end will not work. In a normal tube with an open end, the ink will travel down the tube till it is gone. Capillary action will keep it toward the writing end. If the tube is sealed, eventually a vacuum will form and no more ink will flow. Perhaps when you sealed it, some pressure will be in the tube and force ink toward the tip, this would be good (like the Fisher Space Pens). We just have to wait and see what happens.

    u were right, it does not work. I though " maybe i can keep it from leaking all over the place!" but no, dont seal the ends.

    Are you having a leaking problem? If some of the ink is wiped out at the end and a small space is left, capillary action should keep it inside the tube.

    Its the only different color I had when I made the instructable. For marking drawing corrections at work, red would be best.

    I used to do this all the time in High School. Handy for making notes in different colours.

    I also used to cut pens in half when the ink is running low. Mini-pocket-pens =)

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    Other pens may work too. Look for barrels with even diameters at both ends. Did you know you can buy them may this way? Sold by Rose Moon Inc, called the SwirlSwirl. But then, its more fun to do-it-yourself!

    you say you are going to make every instructable. You must be like me and have 982347983 million useless creations laying around your house. This is an awesome idea! Imagine reproducing this for overhead markers for teaching and designing PCBs. BTW: I made it a goal of mine to keep a pen long enough to use up all the ink. I did it in grade 11. It took me 3 months of a little extra care to stop people from "borrowing" it. (no one borows pens, they simple rob you, one of my biggest pet peeves.)

    That idea is really cool, I would love to see the look on peoples' faces as they try to work through why it looks like I am trying to erase something written in pen. One question, about the last step: "my done what?" (stop, grammer time) (oh, yeah, filled my grammer-nazi quota for the day)

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