Double Height Clap Flipper

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Very Simple and very very joy full for kids. First we want to make Flipper card. It clap, Jump and Flip. Make two flipper card it jump more height than one.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Card (Hard enough to with stand in rubber tension)

2) Rubber Band.

3) Tape.

Tools Required

1) Scissors.

Step 2: Join, Cut, Link, Flip -> Play

Take two pieces of cards in same size, paste it as in figure. Don't place the cards near it don't allow free fold. Stick tape on both sides. close the cards and two light cut for rubber band. link the cut with rubber band. Its time to Play.

Step 3: Time to Play

Flip it as show in the figure. Put it in the ground. It Clap and jump in joy as like your kids.

Step 4: Double Fun

Make two pieces. And place one piece inside another one. Put it on the ground. It jump double height than the first one.



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    3 years ago

    I just started to read your instructables and I really like them. I love how you do all these projects with just the minimum. Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming


    3 years ago on Introduction

    LOL!!! Never seen anything like this before,it looks fun,I will try it lol.