Double Size Bed Loft!

Introduction: Double Size Bed Loft!

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DIY Bed Loft for Double Size bed



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    Will a queen size bed fit underneath this full size loft? I want the head of the queen mattress to fit underneath the full size loft....Thank you, Wendi

    I agree with everyone, great project but in serious need of do's and don'ts, tools, hardware, lumber, sizes and cuts, picture comments, especially on close up pics and relevance. Not intuitive for beginning or even seasoned DIYers that are sticklers to the rule of thumb. "Measure twice cut once". This ible needs more detail and if you aren't planning on updating this ible, please acknowledge the posted measurements' requests by stating so.

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    Please be intuitive. This isn't an instructable. It just shows it's possible. Please refrain from commenting on projects over 4 years old.

    Excellent job. Most worthy of a more thorough Instructable. Please consider posting one. Measurements, wood used, etc. I like it but please expand upon this Instructable.

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    Think it would work for a queen maybe even a king size mattress (with adequate support of course) My husband and I live in a good size studio apartment but space is still a premium and the bed takes the largest portion of usable space, so I wanted to get an opinion before I set out to put this idea to work. Just don't want to waste my time and money if I'm going to end up on the floor unexpectedly.

    That would be a very large bed to have in the air, but with popper supports I think it would be do-able. I believe I used 1x4s for the under struts. You would most likely have to use 2x4s and more of them. If you planned it right I believe it would turn out great, and if you do this make sure to take pictures along the way and maybe even post an instructable or picture gallery like I have done.

    this looks great. how much space is there between the mattress and the ceiling

    ^seconded. looks like an awesome instructable I would make

    I know that slide show type posts are allowed but your still supposed to write a little something about what your posting, just some basic information will make it less boring. This looks like a really nice build but I hope your going to add a rail for safety

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    I am planning on adding a rail, but I dont think I will fall off. I am sleeping as close to the wall as possible right now. One false turn and I'd fall off.