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Introduction: Doublemint Flavored USB

I got some Doublemint gum in my Christmas stocking this year. It came in a nice little that I’ll eventually use to put junk that I refuse to throw away. Generally I’m not a big gum chewer. Can’t throw all the gum away though because that would just be wasteful. What do I do instead? I start playing with it.

I had popped a couple pieces of gum in my mouth when, like anyone with a severe case geek, I noticed the wrapper was about the size of a USB key. I then of course grabbed my USB key, threw it in the wrapper, and it was a perfect fit.

Having being struck by inspiration I grabbed a fresh pack of gum and headed to my secret laboratory. There, after many late hours and painstaking trial and error, I developed my own Doublemint flavored USB key. Here I have meticulously documented the process.

First things first. Gather all the tools and supplies needed. The following are required: Hot glue gun, Appropriately sized USB Key (I used a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler 100), A fine point Sharpie pen, an X-acto knife, and a pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint chewing gum. Optionally a ruler or some other straight edge could help. I found the stick of gum just as effective.

Technically speaking, you could use also Juicy Fruit, but that would just be weird.

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Step 1: Reverse Origami

You’ll need to get the wrapper open, with minimal damage to the packing. The traditional method of pulling the little tab is out because it is self-destructive to the packaging. Grab your X-acto knife and carefully shim the blade under the outer fold on the side of the packaging. Open the side of the package like you are opening a very tiny package of cereal.

You’ll be able to carefully open the wrapper down the side and pull the gum out. Enjoy a little chewing break but save a piece for later.

Unfold the wrapper completely, using the same cereal box technique to open the opposite side. Lay it out flat.

Step 2: Size It Up

Place your USB key on the wrapper for measuring. Line it up with the fold on the left side. This side will get folded back and form the bottom of your USB key (presuming we are calling the plug the top.)

On the foil side of the wrapper, measure how far the USB key reaches. Use the fine point Sharpie to mark a line using a piece of the gum (or any other flat edge).

Use the X-acto knife to cut along the line and remove the excess wrapper.

This particular USB key has a switch on the skinny side.

Step 3: Little Snip Here and There.

This particular USB key has a switch on the skinny side.

Line the skinny side of the USB key up with the folds on the wrapper that belong to the skinny side of the package.

Use the Sharpie to mark where the beginning edge of the switch rests.

Flip the switch now and mark on the wrapper where the switch ends.

Use the marks to measure out the space you’ll need to cut away to make room for the switch to stick through the packaging.

Cut along your measurements to make the hole in the wrapper for your switch.

Line up your USB key on the wrapper to make sure everything is going to fit together and you haven’t made any mistakes. Things get a little more permanent from this point on.

Step 4: Securing the USB Key

Remove the USB key for the moment. Grab your hot glue gun and place a small dab of glue where you just had the USB key placed.

Replace the USB key and press it firmly down on the glue.

Place another dab of glue on a parallel spot on top of the USB key.

Fold the inner flap of the Doublemint packaging around the key and press it firmly into the glue. Don’t be a baby. The glue isn’t that hot.

Step 5: Seal It Up.

Place to small dabs of glue on either side of the inner flap and fold over the outer flap.

The plug end of the USB key should be flush with the end of the wrapper where you cut. The other end should be recessed. Stand it up with the plug facing down and the recessed end upward. Add a drop of hot glue down inside the wrapper on the USB key.

Fold the end of the wrapper back the same way you opened it up. It should look like a fresh pack of gum when you are done.

Step 6: Now Go Confuse People.

Test the switch that pops out the USB plug to make sure you made all your measurements properly.

If everything looks good, then congratulations. You are ready to make everyone at the office think you have some weird chewing gum fetish. If they do, thats your problem and I can’t help you.

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