Dowel Hole Drilling Jig




This is jig to make holes for dowel without measuring. More precise you make this jig it will work better, so take your time. you can make it from laminated parts also and laser cut it for best results.

Step 1: Main Parts

This are main parts. I used two 40mm X 250mm pieces of scrap.

Step 2: Making Slide

For slide I used scrap 4mm plywood.

Step 3: Using Your Jig

  1. Pinch side of material with jig.
  2. Drill hole
  3. Put dowel in hole.
  4. Turn Jig upside down and put other side of dowel in drilling hole on your jig.
  5. Set slide to touch edge of material.
  6. Align tables and leave space for jig.
  7. Put jig channel over dowel.
  8. Push tool so slide will align to material edge.
  9. Drill your hole.
  10. Repeat for all holes.


You can drill all holes on one side at one time, makes it easier and quicker.

Use depth gage so you will not drill through material.

This is how to use Woodcraft DowelMaster, idea is similar


Step 4: Variation

This I made for friend and it is with 6mm, 8mm, 10mm holes.



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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great idea. I had to build a shoe cabinet and a warderobe, as well as a bathroom sink cabinet, so I started out with a rebuild of your jig. Following your guidance, I constructed mine from the same material as I had quite a pile of such scrap material kicking around. Only I built the slider with a wider base to give the board a little more length to align to at right angles, thus subsequently improving hole alignment.

    Long story short: It worked in principle but i found out that this might not be the right material due to being too soft. The drill guiding hole was widened by the drill bit really fast which led to inaccuracies after only two boards drilled. The drill really wiggeled around the hole and resulted in improper alignment of dowels and holes. I ended up buying the original jig you linked to.

    I still think one could be happy with a homemade one providing the drilling hole is reinforced with some metal bushings (like the original) or the jig is made out of some really tough hardwood and the drill bit is blunted at the side edges as well as the outer corners to keep it from digging into the jig's wood.

    Honestly, with the original jig coming for 18 Dollars here, it's just not worth the fuzz.

    Still, thanks for the instructable


    5 years ago

    i just bought the wolfcraft version of this jig the other day. works great. im sure yours being made of wood will last a lot longer than mine will though.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I was inspired by their jig. Good thing is that if something gets bad you can make new one. It would be good to add metal insert so drill will not make bigger hole in wood after while.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    An "How to" in video should be welcome!

    I don't understand how it's used...

    It may be because of me...:-/

    2 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I added video of similar product presentation you can check that.

    Sorry for not being too clear on instructions.