Dowel Wizard Wand




Intro: Dowel Wizard Wand

Here is a easy way to turn yourself into a spell casting wizard!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need for this simple project is some string, hot glue, and a dowel rod. Start by cutting off a lengthy piece of string, and plugging in your glue gun so it can get heated up.

Step 2: The Base

Now, pick one side of your dowel rod to be the base and start wrapping sting all over it.

Then take your heated up glue gun and coat the string base in glue. This will give you a smooth and textured grip while also providing you with a sturdier handle.

Step 3: Hot Glue Decorations

Now that you've completed the handle feel free to add any other decorations on the wand. I put a spiral on mine, but feel free to get creative.

Step 4: Painting the Wand

Now we're going to pain the wand. You can pick any colors you like to do this. I chose a grey and a black for mine. I painted the entire wand with grey and then added some black near the top of the handle and along the spiral. The paint shouldn't take too long to dry, just be careful of where you painted wet paint.

Step 5: Congratulations!

If you want you can go ahead and add various other decorations to your wand such as sparkles or rocks and more hot glue decorations. I've decided to keep mine simple. Now that you've finished your wand, all you have to do is go find some spells to cast!



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    It looks good :)