Downgrade PSP 6.35,6.38,6.39 and Install CFW




Hello All! This is my guide on how to downgrade to 6.20 and install cfw (Custom Firmware) on your PSP 1000,2000,3000 or go. This works on
6.35,6.38,6.39 BUT NOT 6.37!
You will need:
6.20 update
PSP downgrader
6.20 CFW

Step 1: First Things First

Unzip to desktop. Now take the 6.39  Downgrader and put it into PSP/GAME and Put the 6.20 update EBOOT  into PSP/GAME/UPDATE.
Also it says 6.39 but it still works on the others. Now place the PRO UPDATE (CFW) into PSP/GAME also. But if you want permanent psp cfw then put the permanent one into PSP/Game too.

Step 2: Starting the Downgrader

Now unplug your psp and load the downgrader and After you downgrade to 6.20, you will get a BSOD (saying that your system information is corrupted), this is OK, just click circle to reset your system information and you will be back to normal.

Step 3: CFW

Now that you have 6.20 now load the pro update. Also if you want permanent then AFTER you load the pro update load the permanent update.



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much for the complete detailed instruction on how to downgrade; mine is from OFW 6.35 downdgraded to OFW 6.20 so i can use the CFW PRO-B10 and make it permanent :-)

    Highly appreciated for the help :-)

    Keep up the good work :-)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    A very useful instructable for those which have had trouble downgrading in the past. Though the links do need revising for the Official Firmware (OFW). Also there is a more comprehensive guide here But all in all, well done.