Downgrading PSP 3000!




Introduction: Downgrading PSP 3000!

Hey if you want to downgrade your psp Then I can help.  If you need help feel free to post in the comments.
Now READ ON!!!

Step 1: Download Files

Okkay I just hacked my PSP cool right? Okay well you may be wondering can this work on ALL firmwares well yes it can. But you also may be thinking how does this work well it is a progam that you put on your psp and  you know those old firmware updates? This thing brings them back. Soooo to the downloads. First you download this the downgrader, then you download some firmware updates.

Old updates:

Now that you got that done to the next step!

Step 2: End

Okay you just follow the readme and thats it hope you like it!



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    11 Discussions

    I cannot find my psp that my aunt gave to me LOL. I need a tracker


    wher did you get the money for those 3 awe some psps? imean realy

    i really want to downgrade mah psp because of my crappy pro hen launcher.
    I want to remove its system and change it something that doesn't gets error on games. because on my system, i definitely recieve errors like the game could not be started the data is corrupted. Please reply for this message.

    1 reply

    Hey my instructable shows how to downgrade and install cfw from 6.35 6.38 6.39 and install pro cfw not sure if that is same as pro hen but one question... What model and fw do you have?

    i have one problem. my psp has a system of 6.39 pro hen made by cold bird & vf and has a Prometheus iso loader. but when i update my 3.69 hen. when i launch my updated pro hen . It started to crash. every time i launch it crash . Can u please help me

    also i cant download the pdf file because im a regular member

    Mostly because some of the custom firmwares don't have a version out for the new official firmwares, so basically if you have 6.35 OFW you can't install 5.00 m33-6 unless you downgrade.

    Correct me if I am wrong, because I'm not too much of a PSP hacker, more of an iOS device hacker, but I believe that is how it is. I had to wait until a couple weeks ago for one to come out for 6.35 which is what I have now.

    yes it is indeed how it works, I hacked my psp but luckily i only had to downgrade to 3.7 instead of 1.5 which most CFW's use to update from, i have a 1000 with 5.5 GEN-d3 though, not a 3000...