Download Minecraft PE Free

Hey guys, It's my first Insturctables. And I will tell you how to download Minecraft PE Free of cost.

Step 1: Download Muzhiwan.

Our first step is to search and download Muzhiwan app.
Click on the search result with other language and translate the page to English.
After that click on the result Muzhiwan which is on the top.
Click on download and wait. :)

Step 2: Installing Muzhiwan.

As the download completes click on it from the task bar to install it.
Click on install and wait for a few seconds.
Click on launch when done.

Step 3: Downloading Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Open the Muzhiwan app and click on search.
Type Minecraft and click on the result Minecraft - Pocket Edition.
Click on Download which will be at the bottom and wait.

(I have already downloaded it. So sorry about that.)

Open the app and click at the top right corner where the download is shown.(When the download is complete)
Click on install button and enjoy playing Minecraft PE.



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