Download Music From Music Blogs

Have you ever been listening to music on a music blog such as hypem or earmilk and liked a song, but couldn't find a place to download it from? This Instructable will guide you through a very simple way to download music from a blog quickly and easily. The required materials for this are:

- Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9
- Access to you computer cache
- Itunes

I used Windows 7, however this tutorial can be applied to other versions of Windows, I am just not sure which ones. Make sure to USE THE PICTURES, I spent a lot of time making this as easy as possible. Also, the song in this Instructable was just chosen at random and I did not think it was very good when I listened to it. I hope this helps some people.

Step 1: Download and Installing Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9

To Download:
- Download the "Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 Setup" from this link:

- Click on the link above
- Click on the "Download Now" box as shown in the picture
- Click on the "Save File" button on the dialog box
- Allow your browser to download the small file

To Install:
- Locate the file you have just saved (mine is in my default download folder)
- Run the file by double-clicking on it
- Click "Run" on the dialog box
- Click "Next"
- Click "Next"
- Click "Upgrade" (or it could say "Install", however mine does not because Firefox is already installed)
- Allow it to install
- Click "Finish" and close out of the Firefox when it opens up

Step 2: Locating Your Cache and Making Hidden Folders Visible

Now that we have Firefox installed lets locate it's cache. First we will need to make hidden folders visible, and then we will locate the cache and create a desktop shortcut.

Make Hidden Folders Visible:
- Click the windows start button in the bottom left corner
- Click "Computer"
- In the top left hand corner click on "Organize"
- Click "Folder and Search Options" in the drop-down box
- In the dialog box that opens click the "View" tab
- Click "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives" and make sure the little blue bubble is filled in
- Click "Apply"
- Click "OK"

Locate The Cache :
- Open your "C-Drive"
- Click "Users"
- Click on your accounts name - mine is "Default.Upstairs.Kids" (refer to the picture for more help)
- Click "AppData" - it will be a translucent color, it is a hidden folder, that is the reason for the previous step
- Click "Local"
- Click "Mozilla"
- Click "Firefox"
- Click "Profiles"
- Click on the only folder located in the "Profiles" folder - this folder name also varies by user mine is "3xruqhmz.default" (refer to picture for help)
- Right click on "Cache"
- Go to "Send To"
- Click "Desktop (Create Shortcut)"
Now there will be a folder on your desktop that says "Cache - Shortcut" or something similar.

Step 3: Downloading Music

Now the tedious stuff is over, onto downloading. First visit a music blog such as hypem. Find and play a song that you like and make sure the entire song has loaded, then do the following:

Locating the File/Song in the Cache:
- Open your "Cache Shortcut Folder"
- Sort by "Date Modified" so that the most recent items are at the top
- Find the file that is around 2500kb - 10000kb depending on how long the song is (the song will not always be on top like mine is in the picture)
- Right click on the file and select "Copy"
- Paste the file onto your desktop
- Right click on the file and select "Rename"
- Add ".mp3" at the end of the file name so that the file turns into an mp3 format

Step 4: Import Song Into Itunes

Import the File/Song into Itunes:
- Go to the Window start button in the bottom left hand corner
- Select "Computer"
- Open your "C-Drive"
- Click "Users"
- Click on your accounts name - mine is "Default.Upstairs.Kids" (refer to the picture for more help)
- Click "My Music"
- Click "Itunes"
- Click "Itunes Media"
- Scroll down until you see the "Music" Folder
- Click "Music"
- Now minimize your window to get to the desktop
- Right click on the file/song
- Click "Copy"
- "Paste" the file/song into the "Music" folder - Make sure to put it in without putting it into one of the folders in the "Music" folder
- Open Itunes
- Go to "File" In the upper left corner in Itunes
- Click "Add File to Library..."
- Locate the "Music" Folder (remember you made a shortcut on the desktop )
- Select the file/song
- Click "Open"

Itunes will automaticaly order the song in a folder according to artist in your "Music" folder. Also, Itunes will automaticaly name the song with the correct info if the song has them. To find the song in Itunes, simply go to your "Recently Added" playlist and look at the newest song - it should be the one you just added. Play the song and enjoy.



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    pretty old though, but you can get direct links to every media, your pc is downloading to view sites..
    youtube videos, music files, flash games, etc..


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Why are you specifying FF 3.6.9? The most recent security update for the FF 3 series is 3.6.18. Also, both FF4 and FF5 are available.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I only know how to do it on Firefox 3.6.9, it might work on other 3.x Firefoxs, I am not sure. However, I did update to Firefox 4 when it came out and my cache got messed up, it had a bunch of folders and was very confusing. I just found this was the easiest for me.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think we can use "NirSoft VideoCacheView" for the same and its easy to use try it out :) .

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