Download Windows Xp Legally FREE From Microsoft

Introduction: Download Windows Xp Legally FREE From Microsoft

Want to try out Windows xp get it for free from microsoft in virtual machine yes it is entirely legal to.

WARNING: I AM NOT responsible in any way if you make a mistake and damage your computer or loose files.
Just a disclaimer.

Step 1: Download Page

So to get the machine go here
To view my other instructables go here

On the download page you will also notice other versions of Windows but I am talking about Windows xp

Step 2: Install Process

To use the file you will need a virtual machine and to set it up go here
To quickly download files view my other instructables about how. Thank you every one



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    10 Discussions

    I highly doubt this is legal.

    None of the links is even remotely connected to M$. I suspect somebody just uploaded a VirtualMachine image and claims it's legal, since Xp is officially out-of-service.

    This may be free, but i surely isn't legal

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    this is very legal it is directly from microsoft if you don't believe me try asking on the MS fourms.

    Microsoft is distributing it

    actually is microsoft developers website, this page is free because developers testing apps us ing old versions of ie need to test it on older systems.

    Beware. is probably not a Microsoft owned site.