Download the Program to BLE GateWay Shiled With LinkNode Mbed



Introduction: Download the Program to BLE GateWay Shiled With LinkNode Mbed

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This essay will teach you how to Download the program to BLE GateWay shiled with LinkNode Mbed
Hardware Preparation

1.LinkNode x1

2.BLE Gate Way Shield x1

3.Micro USB Cable and 2.0mm Dupont Cable


Link two devices correctly and link the four pins (VCC,CLK,DIO,GND) of LinkNodeto the corresponding four ports of BLE Gateway shiled. Shield Download





Corresponding to connect the pins on the two sides with dupont cable, at
the same time, link the Mbed to computer with micro cable.

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Step 1:

2.Open the online development environment of Mbed (,
Download the program.(this picture is my Mbed development environment)

In this environment I have set a platform,if you need to set the
development platform,you can click the top right corner as which is signed in the picture.

Find the Nordic nRF51-DK in the development platform and select the chip of BLE Gateway Shield for nRF51422.

Step 2:

3.Next,I will import a imitation heart rate program and download
it.Click import->progrom then input “heart”,it will retrieve the BLE-HeartReat,double click the catalog to import the program.

We can do some easy modification on it as below:
Modify “DEVICE_NAME” to “LS-001”

Step 3:

4.Then click the ‘complie’on the catalogue,waiting for a moment,will be
prompted to download the interface, download the generated hex file.

Step 4:

5.After making sure the device is linked correctly,find the JLINK on the
computer,copy the hex file to this disk,you can download the compiler generated HEX file to the shield.

6.We can verify whether it has been download successfully,install nRF
Master Control Panel software on Android smart phone(you can find this app in APP Store). After successful installation, enter the tool interface , it will automatically refresh the devices. Then we can find the LS-001, which means we have download it successfully.

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