Downloading Code From GitHub

Introduction: Downloading Code From GitHub

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Dear Folks,

Github have become an important place for collaborative software projects and is becoming a de facto standard for sharing code and other digital designs. In this short instructable we will learn how to download code from a GitHub repository and use it in your Project.

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Step 1: Download As Zip Archive

Easiest and simple way to download code from Github is to download the whole code in a zip file by clicking the "Download Zip" button on the right hand side of the page (as shown in the above image).

Step 2:

You can then save the zip file into a convenient location on your PC and start working on it.

Step 3: Using Git

Git is a free and opensource distributed version control software which you can download from here.

Step 4: Starting Git

Here i am dealing with the Windows Version,So after you have installed the software on your PC,

Go to Start Menu and type "git" on the search bar.

Here Git Bash and Git CMD are command line shells for accessing git.

Step 5: Git Bash and Git CMD

Git Bash provides Linux commands (for eg ls ,clear) using MinGW32 framework

while Git CMD gives access to windows command line tools only.

For eg ,You can use " ls " command on Git Bash but not on Git CMD as shown above.

Step 6: Cloning a Repository Using Git

Now Click on either Git Bash or Git CMD to open the command line shell.

Navigate to a convenient location and then type

git clone

to clone the C# RS485 Programming Repository to your PC.

Please replace the URL address with the address of the Repo you want to clone.

This will create a local copy of the repository for you to work with.

Please note that Git Bash is case sensitive.

Step 7:

You can find your files on your PC like this.

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