Dr. Greene's Double Brew

Introduction: Dr. Greene's Double Brew

Would you like to make strong coffee at home using a drip coffee maker? Yes? Then I have the recipe for you. This coffee is so strong you'll be able to stand a spoon in your cup!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Electric Drip Coffee Maker

At least 24 tablespoons of Coffee Grinds (You choice of coffee brand)

Tablespoon size scooper

Coffee filters

Filter Water or Tap water

Optional: Flavored Creamer

Step 2: Place Filter Paper in Coffee Maker

Open Coffee Lid, swing drip spout from over filter to position indicated in picture, and place filter paper in filter.

Step 3: Fill Filter With Grinds

Using the scoop, fill the filter with the desired amount of coffee grinds and swing the drip spout over grinds. NOTE: It is recommended to use one tablespoon of coffee grinds for each cup of coffee you want to make. To make 12 cups use 12 tablespoons of grinds.

Step 4: Fill Water Resevoir

Using the pot to measure the amount of water added, fill the pot to the desired cup mark, then then pour the water in the reservoir.
NOTE: the amount of water added depends on step 3. Use one cup of water for each tablespoon of grinds. If you use 12 scoops of coffee grinds, like me, use 12 cups of water

Step 5: Preparing the Pot to Brew

Close the lid and plug the machine into an outlet.

Step 6: Start the Brew

Press the start button. The start button may be located in a different location depending on the model of your machine.

Step 7: Wait for Coffee to Brew

Once the drip has stopped and the pot is full of coffee turn off the machine. This will tale 20 to 30 mins.

Step 8: Remove Old Grinds

Remove the old filter and grinds.

Step 9: Place Filter Paper

Place new filter paper in the coffee pot

Step 10: Fill the Filter With Coffee Grinds

Repeat step three.

Step 11: Fill the Reservoir With Coffee.

Pour all the coffee from the pot into the reservoir and close the lid.

Step 12: Start the Brew

Press the start button.

Step 13: Final Product

Once the drip has stopped and the coffee pot is full the coffee is ready to drink.

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